"Snoop Dogg celebrates Cologne artist"


Snoop Dogg celebrates Cologne artist

The US star even posted his drawing on Instagram

Daniele Fuggiano (22) can hardly believe it. US superstar Snoop Dogg (44) celebrates the art of Cologne. "I'm still a little flabbergasted," Daniele said to the EXPRESS. The graphic artist drew the hip-hop star, uploaded the picture to the Internet and linked Snoop Dogg to it. And the American responded promptly!

According to the last tour motto of the "King of cool" - "Up in Smoke" - Snoop Dogg emerges from a cloud of smoke in the drawing. "I knew: if he sees, he'll really like it," says Daniele. And indeed, after a few days, the musician even posted the picture on his own page. "Dope Art", he wrote in his well-known casual-cool way. "Now he even follows me on Instagram, regularly looks at my new things and comments on them," says Daniele, who is a big Snoop fan himself. "That he not only celebrates one picture, but my art in general - that is a blatant confirmation," beamed the man from Cologne.

Daniele finished his training as a graphic designer a month ago, actually he wanted to spend a year in Australia now. “But it won't work out for now,” he says. Because his art does not only appeal to the US musician. “The plan is to bring a fashion collection with my hip-hop art onto the market. Of course, I want to send him a T-shirt with the snoop picture. ”And then the superstar will soon be walking through Eastside, California with Cologne art on his chest.

Source: EXPRESS in an interview with Daniele Fuggiano